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City Manager's Office

The City Manager acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the city and is responsible for enforcing city laws, preparing and managing the municipal budget, and implementing policies and programs initiated by the City Council.

City Attorney
The City Attorney is the chief legal advisor and representative for the City in service of the public interest.

City Clerk

The City Clerk's primary responsibilities encompass the City Council meetings, official City records, and other official acts.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing City ordinances.

Development Services

The Development Services Department works with property owners, business owners, design professionals, and the City’s policy makers to improve and protect the health and safety of the Community through the planning, building, and code enforcement functions.

Economic Development

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The Engineering Department manages City engineering projects, responds to citizen concerns (e.g. speed bumps, safety issues at construction sites) and coordinates constructions projects and inspections.


The Finance Department includes Accounting, Purchasing, and Utility Billing.

Fire Department

The Fire Department provides emergency services and prevention and inspection programs.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department supports City employees by ensuring compliance with workplace policies, working through collective bargaining to provide competitive salary and benefits, and recruiting staff.


The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is contracted to provide comprehensive law enforcement services through the City of Coachella Police Department.

Public Works

The Public Works Department works hard to support the City and our residents by ensuring that our City buildings, parks, streets, and vehicles/equipment are well-maintained, diligently cared for, and operating efficiently and effectively.

Senior Center
The Senior Center is your source for information about senior programs and services.

Utilities Department
The Utilities Department oversees the maintenance, operation and treatment of water distribution and wastewater collection. Additionally, they focus on the environmental compliance issues relating to water quality, pretreatment, stormwater, documentation of illegal hazardous waste disposal and NPDES permits.

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