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Cannabis Regulations

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Cannabis Ordinances - Forms - Documents

On January 27, 2016 the City of Coachella City Council adopted Ordinances No. 1083 setting forth the zoning regulations to allow medical cannabis cultivation and processing in the M-W (Wrecking Yard) zone, subject to obtaining a Conditional Use Permit, and subject to meeting new zoning development standards:
Ordinance No. 1083 (Zoning Regulations)
*NOTE* Ordinance No. 1083 was amended by Ordinance No. 1108 with updates in terminology.
Ordinance No. 1108 (Commercial Cannabis Activity Zoning)

Cultivation / Manufacturing / Distribution Licensing
Ordinance No. 1109, effective August 12, 2017, created a cannabis regulatory permit process. This ordinance supersedes Ordinance No. 1084 in its entirety.  
Ordinance No. 1109 (Commercial Cannabis Activity - Regulatory Permit)
The Application for Cannabis Regulatory Permit (CRP) for individual licensees is available below:
CRP Application Form

Industrial Parks
On April 26, 2017 the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 1103 which allows cannabis cultivation uses in the M-S zone, subject to the I-P (Industrial Park) overlay zone on a minimum of 30 acres. 
 Ordinance No. 1103 (IP Overlay Zone)
*NOTE* Ordinance No. 1103 has been amended by Ordinance No. 1108 (see above) to allow Cannabis Testing Laboratories as a conditionally-permitted use in the C-G (General Commercial) zone, and to remove reference to "Maximum Site Area Devoted to Cannabis Cultivation Uses". 

Overview and Taxation
The policies, background, and taxation for cannabis-related uses is explained in the Study Session slides below: 
City Council Study Session Slides
The City has established a cannabis cultivation excise tax of $15.00/ sq. ft. for the first 20,000 sq. ft., and $7.50 /sq. ft. for the remainder of the grow canopy area for the facility.  Additionally, wholesale gross receipts are taxed annually at 4% for cultivation, and 2% for manufacturing and processing.  The enabling ordinance for the taxing scheme is available below.
Ordinance No. 1101 

Retail Cannabis and Microbusinesses - Round #1
On February 14, 2018 the City Council passed three Ordinances and approved Selection Criteria for Retail Cannabis and Micro-businesses in the "Pueblo Viejo" (Downtown) area, and at the Glenroy Resort property. Links to these documents are below.
Ordinance No. 1114 - Chapt. 17.84 (Retail Cannabis Zoning Regulations)
Ordinance No. 1115 - RC Overlay Zone and Locations
Ordinance No. 1120 - Retail Cannabis Regulatory Permit
RC Sub Zone No 1
RC Sub Zone No 2
Resolution No. 2018-07 (Selection Criteria)

Retail Cannabis and Microbusinesses - Round #2 
Ordinance No. 1140 became effective in late July 2019, and allows for up to 10 Retail Cannabis Dispensaries in the City, including up to five dispensaries in the Pueblo Viejo (Sub-Zone #1) and four additional dispensaries within three commercial/industrial sectors (i.e., Wrecking Yard, Dillon Road, Coachella Industrial Business Park) including one dispensary at the southwest corner of Avenue 48 and Grapefruit Boulevard. Please see document links below for further guidance. Resolution No. 2019-51 includes application window period and procedures for Round #2 applicants. 

Ordinance No. 1140
Resolution No. 2019-51
Round #2 Retail Cannabis Maps

Please contact the Planning Division staff at (760) 398-3102 for further information.