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Water and Sewer Rates

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Coachella Sanitation Rate 2018 Study Report


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Below you will find rate information for commodity, water and sewer services.



Variable Commodity Charge per HCF*       Current Rate
Tier 1 Rate (per HCF): 0-41 HCF       $1.50
Tier 2 Rate (per HCF): Over 41 HCF       $1.65
* HFC equals one-hundred cubic feet


Meter Size Current Rate 
5/8" - 3/4"         $13.80
1"         $19.32
1 1/2"         $24.84
2"         $40.02
6"         $289.83
8"           $400.24



For single family, multi-family, and mobile home residential users commencing with the following dates, the monthly Charge is as follows:

Single Family, Multi-Family & Mobile Homes                                           Current Rate
Flat Monthly Rate Per Living Unit       $41.81


For commercial, industrial and institutional (Non-Residential) accounts, the monthly Charge is the sum of a fixed service charge and a variable commodity charge. The monthly fixed service charge recovers a portion of the utility's fixed costs and is determined by allocating fixed costs equally to all customers and fixed capacity cost to non-residential customers in proportion to the hydraulic capacity of their water meter. The monthly commodity Charge is the product of the user.

In addition, three non-residential sewage strengths categories: low, medium, and high are utilized. A full description of each classification can be found here. Commencing with the following effective dates, the monthly Charge is computed as follows:

Fixes Service Charge Per Month                  Current Rates
5/8" water meter     $26.65
3/4" water meter     $39.98
1" water meter     $66.63
1 1/2" water meter     $133.25
2" water meter       $213.20
3" water meter       $399.75
4" water meter     $666.25
6" water meter     $1,332.50
Variable Commodity Charge Per HCF*
Commercial Low     $1.98
Commercial Medium     $3.41
Commercial High     $14.14
Special Industrial     $8.01

* HFC equals one-hundred cubic feet

CVWD RAC - As of July 1, 2016, the Coachella Valley Water District increased their Replenishment Assessment Charge (RAC) from $57/acre-foot to $66/acre-foot for all users in the East Whitewater River subbasin area of benefit who pump more than 25 acre-feet per year from the aquifer. This fee supports CVWD's groundwater recharge activities and is assessed to CWA customers as an itemized portion of their monthly bill. For more information, see CVWD's April 2016 Engineer's Report or visit CVWD's website.