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Pueblo Viejo Revitalization Plan

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Pueblo Viejo Revitalization Plan

The “Pueblo Viejo Revitalization Plan” is an urban design plan, and development guide, for Coachella’s downtown area.  The boundaries of the Plan are the triangular area bounded by Harrison Street on the west, Ninth Street on the south, and the Southern Pacific Railroad on the east.

The Plan incorporates a strong vision of future redevelopment of the civic, commercial, residential and mixed-use components of this historic part of the City.  With the pending adoption of the General Plan 2035 document which envisions this area as a high intensity "Downtown Center” designation, the Revitalization Plan promotes the creation of two major gateways along Sixth Street, with transit oriented development adjacent to Grapefruit Boulevard and Harrison Street, a repositioned City Hall and Veterans Park block, and multi-story commercial & mixed–use buildings.  The Plan calls for outdoor paseos, numerous public street enhancements, and includes a comprehensive set of design guidelines for placement of buildings and parking areas, architectural rhythm and massing, signage regulations, and landscaping features. 

The overriding Vision for the area  is as follows:

“Pueblo Viejo is the civic and cultural heart of Coachella.  The community is proud of the historic charm, locally-owned businesses, and vibrant civic center.  As you enter through the attractive gateways on Sixth Street you are immersed in a lively street scene offering shady walkways, cooling water fountains, outdoor dining,  and unique shopping.  Once empty lots are now filled with mixed-use buildings that respect the heritage, climate, and community values. Family-friendly events and festivals fill the streets and public spaces.  As you relax in the clean, well-maintained civic center core, you know… have arrived in Pueblo Viejo!”

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