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    Explore Coachella

    See the many murals, historical sites and other works of art in downtown Coachella. Enjoy a walking tour of these cultural sites spread throughout Pueblo Viejo.

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    Pick up a book

    Visit the new Coachella Library! See how this new building in Pueblo Viejo offers something for people of all ages.

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    See what’s new in Coachella

    You can now check out the March 2019 "Coachella at Work” newsletter online to read about all the happenings in the City of Eternal Sunshine! You can also sign up here to receive future newsletters directly to your email inbox by clicking HERE!

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    2018 State of the City Address

    See how we are building a new Coachella for the 21st Century! Learn about the road projects, new businesses, cultural events and more that will make our community a better place to live and work.

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